Welcome to Little Discoverers, West Norfolk School for Parents (WNSfP)

Welcome back to the new term year, Little Discoverers has lots planned for you all to enjoy!!

We will start the year with some exciting topics.

Our first term back will include:

  • Goldilocks and the three bears
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Three little pigs
  • Jungle book
  • The Magic porridge pot
  • Jack and the beanstalk

Our sessions will be going back to weekly sessions with 8 families and will be continuing to follow Covid 19 rules with the government guidance to make it as fun and as safe as possible.

Sessions will run at the normal times 10am - 12pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in term times (click here for a term calendar)

We can't wait to see you all, if you have any questions, please email us or message us on our Facebook page.

Many thanks Little Discoverers Team.

Who are you?
We provide early education for pre-school children with motor learning difficulties and delayed development. We put parents at the forefront of their child's learning and development and acknowledge that parents know their child best.
What do you do?
We provide a unique and holistic form of early education inspired by methods used at the Peto Institute of Conductive Education in Hungary. Our specially trained staff work together in groups of up to seven children with their parent/carer.
Am I eligible?
Our service is primarily for pre-school children within West Norfolk and the surrounding area who have motor learning difficulties and delayed development. A child can be referred to us in a variety of ways.
View our promotional video for more information about us

Click here to view a short video detailing the work Little Discoverers (WNSfP) does and how we can help your child.

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My child receives constant encouragement and attention which helps to strengthen his self image. He is always being praised for any effort he makes.