New home and a boost to funds for Little Discoverers

Published: 19th October 2011

 Press release 19th October 2011

 A local voluntary group which provides a service for pre-school children with disabilities and their families has moved to a new venue and received a welcome financial boost in recent weeks.


The group, known as Little Discoverers (West Norfolk School for Parents) runs three specialist sessions a week for children with movement difficulties and helps them in all areas of their development, as well as supporting their families.  They previously met in the former crèche room at Lynnsport.  Reorganisations at Lynnsport mean that this area is now office accommodation, but Little Discoverers has been relocated to the Dutton Pavilion on the River Lane playing fields. The Little Discoverers team and parents are very grateful for all the help they have received from Lynnsport’s staff in the move to their new ‘home’.


Little Discoverers receives some funding from Norfolk NHS but most of its income is from grant making trusts, donations and fundraising activities.  The group has just heard that an application to the Norfolk Community Foundation has been successful and that they have been awarded £1,500 under the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Financial Assistance Scheme.


For more information about the group please contact the Team Leader on 07805 427 044, by email or see the website at


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