Little Discoverers benefit from fundraising

Published: 15th January 2012

Fundraising through


We received an unexpected bonus to our fundraising in December.  Donations made to Little Discoverers webpage at the website in the week beginning December 14th were ‘matchfunded’ (i.e. doubled!) The proceeds of the raffle held at the Christmas party (£103) were paid in during that time, and funds raised by one of our families totalling £443.40 was ‘matched’ with a further £450!  We also benefitted from an event organised by one of our supporters Dave Carter at Sedgeford Village Hall, and with the matchfunding and Gift Aid this raised almost £400!!


There will be another opportunity to benefit from this matchfunding later this year so look out for messages about this.  We will not get much notice so wherever possible we would like to send out information about such schemes by email.


Do let your work colleagues, friends and family know about . It’s an easy way to make donations to Little Discoverers. Go to to see our webpage.



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