Treasure wonder for Little Discoverers

Published: 26th February 2012

 Staff at the Phoenix Montessori Nursery in Terrington St Clements have collected a vast quantity of items to make a treasure basket for the children attending the Little Discoverers group. Little Discoverers is a charity founded to help support pre-school chidren with physical difficulties such as cerebral palsy, and their parents. The children and their carers work in small groups of up to six with specially trained staff.


The parents learn the skills to maximise their child's development and the families are helped to break through the barriers of isolation that disability can bring. The treasure basket will be of great help in achieving these aims, helping the children to learn while having fun. Playing with the Treasure Basket will help to develop shoulder, arm and back muscles, fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. They can also help develop communication and language skills in older children.


Nursery prinicpal, Clair Harris, said "Katie Fisher set up  the charity and she has done a fantastic job. It costs £30,000 a year to run and they have to raise all the funds themselves. When we were there I was so impressed - what she is doing with physically disabled children is brilliant."


Anyone who would like to support the charity can do so by visiting




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