Fundraising No Obstacle to Heroic Spartans

Published: 3rd September 2013

Fundraising No Obstacle to Heroic Spartans


Congratulations and a huge thank you to Greg Hale and a group of his colleagues who completed the

Cambridge Spartan Sprint on  Sunday 1st September and who have so far raised £1071.00 for

Little Discoverers, with donations still coming in.


The event consisted of a 5km military style obstacle course, which included, cross country running and a

combination of scaling walls jumping over them, crawling under them and climbing through holes in them!


The tortuous circuit included a concrete block hoist and cargo net climb; spear throwing and a run over wet

muddy hills through clay filled pits. After carrying large rocks over hills of rubble and sand, an ammunition box

and a water filled drum were carried around a circuit.


A 20ft climb up a steep slope by rope and then down a vertical rope leading to the finish where competitors

were faced to run a gauntlet of three ‘gladiators’ before crossing the line...ouch!


Our heartfelt thanks to the successful participants, who are from left to right…

 Katie Glen, Greg Hale, Purdie Urquhart, Steve Toseland and Stuart Hard



For more info about the event:


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