Welcome to the Summer term

Published: 17th April 2016

Well that's our first week of the Summer term completed and what an amazing week it has been!

This term we are learning all about mathematics, this week concentrating on numbers. We have read all about Maisie's first numbers 1, 2, 3 with the children being able to be fully interactive, counting the characters in the book and fixing the props onto the felt board.

The children explored the sensory tray filled with coloured oats, numbers and numbered blocks. There was lots of towers built (and knocked down), lovely mark making in the oats, digging, pushing and spreading and Ali was even covered too! We are convinced now that she secretly enjoys the messy play the most.

The children loved exploring the light up toys in the blackout tent along with the fibre optics. They were given a numbered obstacle course to follow, although sometimes they moved the numbers to how they wanted to do it! Leading their own play at its best.

We counted how many bubbles we could pop and sang some lovely number rhymes during parachute play.

There has been some fantastic progress made with standing tall, parallel bars and our large steps! The children all work so hard in session and make their mummy and daddy's so proud.

To finish the week off we have spent a lovely hour in the gym at Lynnsport this morning and what a wonderful social morning it was with lots of family's turning out to support the family fun session, we even had local press there taking photo's so look out for these in the next two weeks.

Well we cannot wait to see what fun and excitement next week brings mixed in, of course, with lots of learning and development!!

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