Links Information

This page provides a list of links to friends and supporters of Little Discoverers (WNSfP) as well as links to websites providing information relevant to our services and our approach to education.

If you know of a website which you think should be included here please contact us with details and we'll add it to our links database.

Useful Links

Easy Fundrasing registration
This site enables you to register so that when you purchase items online by going to for example Amazon via a link on this site a small donation is made to Little Discoverers (WNSfP) at no cost to yourself.

Please click here to view our in-house leaflet explaining how this works.
Charity Commission
Details about Little Discoverers (WNSfP) on the Charity Commission Website.
NHS Norfolk/CCG
CCG West Norfolk are a big supporter of Little Discoverers (WNSfP) and have given very generously over the years we've been running.
Peto Institute of Conductive Education
The Little Discoverers (WNSfP) programme is inspired by the Peto Insititute of Conductive Education in Hungary.